As per Ohio state safety guidelines, all sessions will be shot outdoors, at a minimum distance of six feet. 
At this time, wendy b photos home studio is CLOSED as it is not possible to remain six feet apart at all times.  
When it becomes safe for your family and mine, the studio will reopen.

You have questions, I have answers!

Please note: a 50% nonrefundable retainer and signed contract are REQUIRED to hold your session space. Prices subject to change

Regular office hours Mon- Sat- 9am--5:30pm

Where are you located? Where are your sessions held? What time is best for photos?

I am located near Northfield Ohio, about 30 minutes south of Cleveland. While I try to stay within a 10 mile radius of my zip, 44067, I'm happy to come to where ever you are in the Cleveland/Akron area. I love getting to see new places, so if there's somewhere you want to have your photos taken just say the word! Be aware, if the location you select charges a permit fee, you will be responsible for paying it.
I take sessions with in those golden hours before sunset or after sunrise with the exception of most newborns which can be shot nearly any time of day. Just before sunset and just after sun rise, the sun is still low on the horizon and the light is so flattering on you!
Be sure you like and follow my Facebook page any specials!

When can I schedule a session?

I book at least 12 weeks in advance. If you're looking for newborn photos, you'll want to schedule them when you are 28-30 weeks pregnant, if not earlier. I do not have immediate openings and due to the time sensitive nature of newborn photos they must be scheduled in advance. Family sessions and all other sessions must also be booked approximately 12 weeks in advance. Many people like to schedule their family photos around an event, a holiday, or during their favorite season. If you're interested in scheduing a any session send me an email! Click on the "contact me" tab to get started or email

What should we wear!?

I have a number of Pinterest boards I'm happy to email you to help give you a visual sense of what to wear and what *NOT* to wear. I ask that your family *not* come in anything with logos, or in the 90's fashionable "white tee shirt and jeans or kakhis" look. Chances are, you don't go out in public all wearing the same outfit, so why would you hang photos in your living room where you're all wearing the same outfit? I will help you play with color, with pattern, with neutrals and vibrant shades. You're always welcome to send me a photo of what you have in mind and I'll give you a yes or a no :D

Have you won any awards and has your work been featured anywhere?

YES! So exciting; my work was featured in the photography magazine "PRETTY"! It was an honor to be chosen as one of their spotlight photographers :D I've also been featured on the Pretty Presets blog a number of times both as a placer in their photography challenges and as a writer contributor, and recently my work was chosen to be featured in a second Pretty Preset Family Posing resource guide! I have been a Top 30% Finisher and a top 20% finisher in the global Shoot and Share contest as well. Additionally, I am a top ten finisher in the I Heart Faces Black and White challenge, and my work has been featured in many "Photos to Inspire You" collections including, inspiring newborns, inspiring maternity photos, and inspiring grandparent photos!

Do you give referral credits?

Yes! I do offer referral credits. Current clients, refer a friend and when that friend pays their deposit, you will get to add 2 extra digital files to your next session. Not only that, but your referred friend will automatically be given extras as well! Make sure you tell your friends to tell me you referred them so proper credit can be applied :)

Do you have a studio?

I do! I have a very small home studio, in which I can take milestone sessions and cake smash sessions. If you have a winter baby or if our outdoor milestone is a wash-out we can easily switch to a studio session. The space is best for one parent, and one child. I cannot accomodate groups in my home studio due to lack of space. I do prefer to take milestones and cake smash session in-studio, when the weather turns.

How long until I can see my pictures?

As per the contract you will sign, I take up to two weeks to edit the images and uploaded them to your private gallery. ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR PRE-VIEW LINK, YOU WILL HAVE 14 DAYS TO DECIDE ON THE IMAGES TO BE INCLUDED ON YOUR disc. Failure to comply may result in a reactivation fee up to $100; images will not be sent until balance including any outstanding fee is paid in full.

What if I want more digital files?

Additional files can be purchased directly and downloaded from your private gallery along with professional prints.

How much is printing with wendy b photos? Can I afford it?

I provide professional prints far exceeding the quality of those "third party printers". I keep my print prices as affordable as possible. The point of professional photography is to have your photos printed, and I want you to get the best prints which is why I *strongly* suggest purchasing your prints from your gallery. Prints start under $5 so it's a safe bet that you can afford gorgeous prints sent directly to you from my professional print lab. Remember, hard drives fail but prints are forever.

I see a thumbnail picture on my gallery! Does that mean the gallery is ready?

Sadly, a thumbnail does not mean the gallery is ready. I edit and export a single image so that I can make a place-holder. You will get an email from me as soon as your gallery is ready for your viewing and selection. Remember it can take up to 14 days for a gallery to be perfect for you!

Oh no! My child is sick/it's raining can we reschedule?

I allow for one reschedule request and will do what I can to provide a date, given that I have openings in my schedule. Dates may not be available immediately, as I book months in advance. It is always possible, to move your milestone or cake smash session indoors, to my home-studio space, keeping in mind that the whole family will not be able to be present. In the event of rain we will set another shoot date ASAP. There will be NO RESHOOTS for any other reason. Remember, your 50% retainer is non-refundable for *any* reason.
No-call no-show-- if you fail to tell me that you need to reschudle your session and "no call, no show" you will forfiet ALL MONIES PAID and will be removed from my client base. My time is valuable and I will not tolerate no call, no shows.
It's important to know that NEWBORN sessions may not be possible to reschedule due to the special nature of the session.

Can you really get good pictures in less than an hour?

Absolutely. You will have many great photos to choose from. Let's be serious; if you have a child, what is the likelihood that they are going to cooperate for an HOUR or longer? What is the chance they're going to be happy through two or more outfit changes, location changes, etc? If your kid is anything like mine, that chance is ZERO. I keep my sessions short and sweet and get the shots you really want without wasting your time.

Do you edit? Can you make me look 20 pounds thinner? Can you put more hair on to my husband’s head? Will you do that thing, where the picture is all black and white except for....?

Every photo included in your gallery is the complete edited file and all edit work is final. Clients may not, for any resaon, alter my work in any way. I have been dipping my toes into the film-look and will be introducing actual 35mm film in the coming time (look for film pricing in the future). I will *not* selectively color any photo. It in no way represents the classic, timeless photos I provide my beloved clients.
I include color images and gorgeous black and white conversions on photos I feel suit your gallery. I cannot not make you look thinner or reverse male pattern baldness ;) I do not offer "beauty retouching" as I think you're perfect just the way you are.
ALL EDIT WORK IS FINAL. Once your private gallery is loaded, your photos are complete and ready for your purchase.

Do I get full rights/ a commercial release to the pictures?

No. As the photographer, what I shoot is my property. I retain the right to use any of the photos from our session in my portfolio, on my website or on my social media accounts. Clients may NOT alter, edit, screen shot, or download any image shared. You, as my client, *do* get a print use license for the files included with your session disc which means that you are welcome to use your photos on holiday cards, invitations, or birth announcements if you so desire. wendy b photos will not be held responsible for any errors in third party printing and it *is* recommended that you purchase your prints from your gallery. Digital files are great for having a back-up of your print, sharing online and for invites/announcements/cards but photos are meant to be printed and you deserve professional prints! All other session images must be printed via wendy b photos.

Can I have my un-edited photos? Can I have ALL the photos from our shoot?

No, I will not give out unedited photos. Professional photography doesn't end with a digital file on a memory card. Hours of work go into taking your photos from snapshot to treasure. As for receiveing ALL of the photos- again, the answer is no. If a photo is not included in your gallery, it no longer exists. Anything not worthy of the gallery is deleted. You will have access to the best shots from our session in their full, edited glory. Trust that I DO give you the absolute best from our time together; you will have plenty of choices.

wendy b photos is featured in PRETTY magazine!

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